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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these legally binding documents?  No.  They are decorative marriage certificates.  You will still need to go to a county clerks office in the state that you are getting married and apply for a marriage license…which is different than a marriage certificate.

I would like to order a certificate for my friend/daughter but I don’t know all of the information.  Can I order it as a gift?  Sure!  If you click on the “Gift Certificate” link on the left side of this page, you can purchase a certificate and we’ll send you a coupon code to pass along to the couple for them to use when they checkout.

How does the process work? Choose your favorite certificate and complete the information on that certificate page and click the “add to cart” button.  It’s that simple!  Once your payment goes through, we’ll start customizing your certificate for you.  It will usually take 5-10 business days for the certificate to reach your mailbox.

What size are your certificates?  They are standard letter sized, 8 1/2 X 11.

Will the certificate be printed with the watermark?   We remove the watermark when we print the certificate.

Am I able to change the city or state on the certificate to where I am getting married? Yes, in addition to customizing your names and wedding date.

This is my 2nd marriage and I really don’t want my ex-husband’s last name on my new certificate.  Can you put my maiden name on the certificate instead?  We can put whatever you would like.  Nicknames included!

We do not need witnesses in our state to be legally married.  Can the witnesses lines be removed?  Sure!  Or I can remove the word “witness” and the two of you can sign on the lines.

My parents’ original marriage certificate was destroyed in a fire a long time ago.  Can I order one with their names and dates?  Of course!  If they still remember who their officiant/witnesses were, we can type in those names (or if they are still around, you can have them sign the certificate)

What is the difference between Parchment and Linen Paper?  The Parchment paper is that “old style” paper that you see…it has a mottled texture and tones.  Linen Paper has the texture of a linen sheet.  The parchment sometimes will bring out richer colors.  If you look at the examples in the gallery of each certificate, you can see that.  It really depends on the certificate design.  Some look better on parchment while others look better on linen.

This is a gift for a friend. Can I pay for it and present them with a gift certificate?  Sure!  Just choose our gift certificate option.  Once your payment goes through, you’ll be sent a link with a code for your friend to use when they complete the form.

I’m an officiant and am interested in the 10 pack of blank certificates but I would like to have my name printed on them (or county or state). Can I still have the bulk pricing?  Our bulk pricing is for blank certificates we already have in stock.  But, I can give you a deal if you choose 1 or 2 designs (5 or each).  Contact me for details.

Can I change the colors on a particular certificate design? For many of the designs we might be able to do that.  Contact me with the certificate design and the colors you would like changed and I can send you a re-design quote.

I am interested in purchasing the digital file. How much will that be?  We currently do not sell our digital files.

I would like to gift my grandparents one of your anniversary certificates but don’t know who the witnesses nor officiant were for their wedding. Do I need that info?    We can exclude that info and maybe exchange it with a quote or Bible Verse.

I really like a particular design, but would like for it to be a religious certificate. Is this possible?  For most of the designs, we should be able to do that.  If you look in the description of a particular certificate it will say if it can be religious or non-religious.


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