For Clergy and Officiants

Blank Certificates for Officiants, Clergy, Wedding Shop Owners, or Couples hiring a Calligrapher.

  • Officiant Decorative Marriage Document Vintage

    Design 01b – Yellow Border Birds and Roses

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    Design 02b – Green Art Deco

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  • Baroque Marriage Certificate

    Design 07b – Fancy Steel Blue

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  • Nature Wedding Voucher

    Design 08b – Oak Tree with Taupe Border

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  • Decorated Certificate for the Groom

    Design 09b – Antlers with Green Border

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  • Plain Wedding Certificate

    Design 13b – Simple Black and White

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  • Keepsake Wedding License

    Design 14b – Simple with Tan Border

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  • Pastor's Wedding Certificate

    Design 18b – Simple Gold Border

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  • Marriage Certificate

    Design 21b – Vintage Black and Gold

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  • Watercolor Wedding Certificate

    Design 22b – Simple Watercolor Flowers

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  • Minister's Wedding Certificates

    Design 23b – Simple Deer with Gold Border

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  • Creative and Simple Wedding Certificate

    Design 24b – United

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  • Pastors Wedding Certificate

    Design 27b – Tan with Blue Flowers

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  • Pretty Vintage Certificate of Marriage

    Design 30b – Sparrow and Gold Hearts

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  • Minister Wedding Tools

    Design 33b – Fancy Purple

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  • Cosmetic Wedding Certificate

    Design 35b – Pine Tree with Brown Border

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  • Bordered with the beautiful fall colors of the maple leaf, this is a lovely reminder of your fall wedding.  Can be printed on parchment or white linen.  See next photos for examples of each.

    Design 42b – Fall Leaves Vertical

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  • Decorative Marriage License with Nature

    Design 49b – Blue Oak Tree

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  • Gift Certificate

    Gift Certificate For The Couple

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  • Folders for Marriage Certificates

    Package of 10 Decorative Folders

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  • Package of Certificates for Officiates

    Package Option 1 (10 Certificates of 1 Design)

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  • Officiating Certificate Packs

    Package Option 2 (5 Certificates of 2 Designs)

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  • Package of Certificates for Officiants

    Package Option 3 (2 Certificates of 5 Designs)

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